Friday, July 22, 2011

2011 McCoy Convention

Quita and Nelson McCoy
Quita Tips Display at Banquet

Fun in the Making!

This Unusual Planter sold at our Auction

McCoy for Sale!!

This years Reunion/Convention are in the past now and plans are already in the works for 2012. It is NOT too early to start thinking about attending. Our attendance was up this year, McCoy was Available and Bargains were found!

Everyone was in a jolly mood and we had fun! We had newcomers this year, too...great folks!

I'll be putting some photos up here and there are some on our new FACEBOOK account...Just do a search on Facebook for McCoy Pottery Collectors Society!

I'm way far behind in answering e-mails...had a friend who had back surgery and helped him recover...trying to clear my house of some duplicates...tried to keep the yardwork up until it got so horribly hot here, general stuff but McCoy is a must so I'll try to get them answered soon .