Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun Family Event - Non Pottery Related! :)

A friend of mine is the chief organizer of this event again this year...he makes it sound like so much fun. If you're in the Oklahoma area...Enid specifically, this would make a great family day outing.

Kites Over Enid

It's a great cause for a fund raiser...actually two causes this year, Habitat for Humanity and the SPCA. They'll be set up for on-line contributions.

I'm sure there must be antique shops around that you could look for McCoy, too!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The McCoy Auction NOT to miss!

The official word is out. Jeff Koehler, favorite auctioneer of the McCoy folks, had announced that he will be auctioning John Vorisek's collection in two parts. Pottery Week of 20ll and Pottery Week of 2012 will bring auctions of Parts of John's fabulous collection!

As if our Convention was not enough to draw you there for our events, this will certainly add to the excitement of the weeks activities. John has one of THE BEST collections I know of with many, many outstanding pieces. This will be an auction that collectors will NOT want to miss.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Need a McCoy Auctioneer?

Jeff Koehler has long been the auctioneer for the McCoy Pottery Collectors Society. He works hard to have interesting pottery auctions lined up for collectors during Pottery Week in July (during the pottery festival). Besides having a great personality as an auctioneer he collects McCoy himself.....so if you're ever in the market for an auctioneer...Jeff would be a good one to call!