Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Real McCoy Scottie Dog Planter vs. Fake one

And here is the fake...the solid color ones are the fakes!

Here's the genuine McCoy Scottie Dog Planter...what a cutie!

Genuine Vs. Fake Bird of Paradise Strawberry Planter

The genuine McCoy Bird of Paradise Strawberry Pot/Vase is the brown accented green vase. The green may be much lighter in some of the vases but the two tone is the key to the Real McCoy.

The solid color pieces are fakes.

09/09/10 - a few fakes spotted on ebay tonight

McCoy did not make ANAY red riding hood items, no much how they're marked as McCoy!

The fruit wall pockets were not marked McCoy so if you see one that is's a fake!

Here are just a few fakes I spotted on ebay tonight...Just because it says it's McCoy doesn't make it so...Educate...have good references to check things out! Even if you're buying on-line, get out into the market place and see the colors and feel the weight of the pottery.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some Fakes I saw In Hillsville, Bad! Bad! Bad!

Here are a few of the fakes I saw this weekend in Hillsville Virginia. This is a market that has everything so there is no concern over fakes...You got it, you can sell it! Glass, paper, jewelry, socks, tee shirts, metal, you name it, You'll find it here---along with the fakes!

Labor Day Flea Market in Hillsville, Virginia

Hillsville, Virginia turns into a huge flea market over Labor Day weekend every year. As well as many, many beautiful collectibles of all kinds you find a lot of junk there. That does make it fun!
Since it is a huge market I scan for shapes, colors, etc, that are familiar as I go up and down the rows of the market.

While you can find goodies there you still have to look out for the numerous fakes for sale. Dealers will swear to you that they're genuine McCoy because they're marked as McCoy.

This year I did see more McCoy than I've seen in several years at this market. I'll show some examples of displays with McCoy. I'm afraid the best display photo didn't turn out well..I had my camera set incorrectly. One dealer had a pomegranite planter along with zebra planter, many other great items. She advertises no reproductions and she has NO reproductions in her booth.

One of the greatest things about collecting McCoy and getting out and hunting it is the Friends you make...and I always run into friends at this market!

I will post some of the repros in a separate entry.