Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Auctions & Terms

With a few spare minutes this evening I was checking out an upcoming auction with McCoy Pottery. I'm not a big bidder at auctions but I do enjoy lively atmosphere and comraderie of bidders. This afternoon I came across something I'd never noticed before.

RESERVES: "Each item may have a confidential minimum reserve price established by the auctioneer and the consignor. The AUCTIONEER may bid on behalf of the consignor at the auction up to the reserve."

Then I discovered this on "Live Auctioneers":
Shill Bidding:
Fraudulent bidding by the seller (using an alternate registration) or an associate of the seller in order to inflate the price of an item. Also known as bid rigging and collusion.

Is an auction not to sell items to the highest bidder? Reserves considered, the bids "would" be between two people who are interested in owning the item for sale?
So what's the deal if someone on the auction staff is bidding to get the price up? Hummmmm...prices are being set by the staff and seller, not the bidders.

If the bids on an item do not reach the reserve...then could it be the item is over priced?

I'm Confused!

Monday, October 4, 2010

McCoy auction coming up!

Jeff Koehler has some great mccoy listed in an auction coming up in Mid-October...from the collection of Ken McDaneld...great stuff, Check it out! Jeff reminded me they accept absentee bids!

Click on the Title above for Jeff's site and listing of this auction!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Real McCoy Scottie Dog Planter vs. Fake one

And here is the fake...the solid color ones are the fakes!

Here's the genuine McCoy Scottie Dog Planter...what a cutie!

Genuine Vs. Fake Bird of Paradise Strawberry Planter

The genuine McCoy Bird of Paradise Strawberry Pot/Vase is the brown accented green vase. The green may be much lighter in some of the vases but the two tone is the key to the Real McCoy.

The solid color pieces are fakes.

09/09/10 - a few fakes spotted on ebay tonight

McCoy did not make ANAY red riding hood items, no much how they're marked as McCoy!

The fruit wall pockets were not marked McCoy so if you see one that is's a fake!

Here are just a few fakes I spotted on ebay tonight...Just because it says it's McCoy doesn't make it so...Educate...have good references to check things out! Even if you're buying on-line, get out into the market place and see the colors and feel the weight of the pottery.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some Fakes I saw In Hillsville, Bad! Bad! Bad!

Here are a few of the fakes I saw this weekend in Hillsville Virginia. This is a market that has everything so there is no concern over fakes...You got it, you can sell it! Glass, paper, jewelry, socks, tee shirts, metal, you name it, You'll find it here---along with the fakes!

Labor Day Flea Market in Hillsville, Virginia

Hillsville, Virginia turns into a huge flea market over Labor Day weekend every year. As well as many, many beautiful collectibles of all kinds you find a lot of junk there. That does make it fun!
Since it is a huge market I scan for shapes, colors, etc, that are familiar as I go up and down the rows of the market.

While you can find goodies there you still have to look out for the numerous fakes for sale. Dealers will swear to you that they're genuine McCoy because they're marked as McCoy.

This year I did see more McCoy than I've seen in several years at this market. I'll show some examples of displays with McCoy. I'm afraid the best display photo didn't turn out well..I had my camera set incorrectly. One dealer had a pomegranite planter along with zebra planter, many other great items. She advertises no reproductions and she has NO reproductions in her booth.

One of the greatest things about collecting McCoy and getting out and hunting it is the Friends you make...and I always run into friends at this market!

I will post some of the repros in a separate entry.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun Family Event - Non Pottery Related! :)

A friend of mine is the chief organizer of this event again this year...he makes it sound like so much fun. If you're in the Oklahoma area...Enid specifically, this would make a great family day outing.

Kites Over Enid

It's a great cause for a fund raiser...actually two causes this year, Habitat for Humanity and the SPCA. They'll be set up for on-line contributions.

I'm sure there must be antique shops around that you could look for McCoy, too!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The McCoy Auction NOT to miss!

The official word is out. Jeff Koehler, favorite auctioneer of the McCoy folks, had announced that he will be auctioning John Vorisek's collection in two parts. Pottery Week of 20ll and Pottery Week of 2012 will bring auctions of Parts of John's fabulous collection!

As if our Convention was not enough to draw you there for our events, this will certainly add to the excitement of the weeks activities. John has one of THE BEST collections I know of with many, many outstanding pieces. This will be an auction that collectors will NOT want to miss.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Need a McCoy Auctioneer?

Jeff Koehler has long been the auctioneer for the McCoy Pottery Collectors Society. He works hard to have interesting pottery auctions lined up for collectors during Pottery Week in July (during the pottery festival). Besides having a great personality as an auctioneer he collects McCoy if you're ever in the market for an auctioneer...Jeff would be a good one to call!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Ethical Stuff

I’m just amazed at how some people handle things.

Only within the past few weeks has it come to my attention that another McCoy collector/dealer is under suspicion for ‘adding’ decoration to McCoy and other pottery pieces and insinuating that they are genuine McCoy decorated items.

There is information on another web-site that calls this person by name. There are comments by some McCoy website person as well, indicating they knew this information (for a rather long time) and making not so nice comments about the McCoy Pottery Collectors Society in relation to this man/collector/dealer.

As the President of the McCoy Pottery Collectors Society for six years I can guarantee you that NO ONE contacted me or the other officers about this matter during that time. I can also tell you that until this information surfaced to me a few weeks ago that it had not been brought to our attention since we have new officers.

It would have been extremely easy to have brought the subject up to any of the previous or present officers through contact information on our web-site. Did that happen? A resounding NO, it did not!

Who are these folks who knew this information and felt it should be acted upon but took no positive action to inform those who should have known? Why, on an internet site, put down our Society when you didn’t take the initiative to inform them of your information?

The only reason I can think of is that the person involved preferred to be negative about our group instead of doing what they called “the right thing”. Perhaps it’s easy to talk instead of take positive action for the good of all McCoy (and other pottery) collectors.

Actually I know of numerous instances where well known McCoy collectors have not done the honorable thing in their dealings. One collector told a seller who is in the process of selling an item to one collector, to put it aside, he’ll talk to him about it later. Also, the seller did ignore the person who had the item in their hand and told them it was not for sale, but later sold to the second person.

I know of one collector, (could it be the same one mentioned above?) who sat at an auction belittling another valued collector (could it be the same Hand holding pottery person above?) loud enough for them to hear? (Totally juvenile and unnecessary)

I know of one collector who used a different than normal id on ebay after he’d been told to not bid on a sellers items. He’s insulted the seller so badly that he was not welcome to buy from him any more.

I know of a circumstance where two long time collectors tried to negatively influence something that would be a great benefit for McCoy collectors, who knows why!

I could go on and on but I think you get the point. None of us are perfect. I certainly am not perfect. I do try to be honest in my transactions. I don’t try to intimidate people that if they’re my friend they won’t do this or that. I try to NOT distort facts when I’m discussing a subject.

I will not call someone by name…I do not know who the McCoy website person is…I do not know the owner of the site where this is discussed…but I’m not afraid or ashamed to sign my name to anything I write.

Life is way too short…Treat others the way you want them to treat you…even in our collecting McCoy.

Here’s for Great, Safe,Honest McCoy Collecting!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dingleberry ebayers

I've not had a lot of difficulty with buyers on ebay..of course I don't sell a tremendous amount. Around l8 months ago I had a buyer send a check that bounced...really irked me because it was close to fifty dollars, They said they'd make it right but never did.

SO...... every few months I'd e-mail them and remind me they had given me their word and they'd not kept it..and that really wasn't an honorable thing to do. Few months later I'd send a similar e-mail....never a response.

This week (after the last e-mail from me being a month or so ago) they finally responded that if I'd send them my paypal addy they'd send me the money. I did and they did. Persistance pays off I guess.

Today I noticed I'd gotten a negative feedback on ebay and instantly couldn't figure out one had complained about anything to me. when I checked it out it was a dingleberry (my word for duds) that neged me for being honest with him. While in Zanesville on vacation I did a few relists so maybe I'd have a few dollars in the bank when I got home. I really did think the items were by my desk...but when his shirt sold I couldn't find it. I searched the ebay room high and no avail. So I e-mailed him asking if he'd allow me a couple more days or that I could immediately refund his money. No response at all so I did immediately refund his money with a sincere apology. No word from him, no thanks for prompt refund..instead a Neg...a neg for being honest.

Since I can't respond to him with a less than positive feedback on ebay I think I'll list his id information here..after all, this is my site and I pay for it....If any of those reading are miscellaneous sellers you might want to add this id to your blocked bidder list.

User ID: dpar4028
Name: don parker

City: temecula
State: CA

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The recent ceasing of publication of the NMX by Carol Semen and Dan Egert brought back a lot of memories.

In late 1987 Jean Bushnell put an ad in the ANTIQUE TRADER for subscribers to a new newsletter on McCoy Pottery. This was the OUR MCCOY MATTERS. I was one of the first subscribers, #4 as a matter of fact. She described her efforts as a kitchen table publication and it was well received. In an early 1988 issue she invited as many as could to join her in Zanesville for the Annual Pottery Festival. Ten McCoy collectors gathered there in 102 degree weather to share pictures and Hunt McCoy!

After that first year we planned to gather again the next year and each of us would bring a few bags of snacks or drinks. George Williams headed the get-togethers for a few years. We’d reserve the convention room at the Thrift Lodge/Travel Lodge and have a show and tell. When we outgrew that room George arranged for us to use the YWCA auditorium across the street for our show and tell.

Within a Few years Jeans busy career and family life allowed little time for the newsletter she loved and created so she handed it over to Kathy Lynch and her husband Sean. Sean did the layout work for Kathy. Kathy and Sean published the OMM until his early and untimely death. With a family to raise it was difficult for Kathy to continue it then. Kathy did oversee the convention details the best I remember for a short time.

1995 was the one year I wasn’t able to attend due to breast cancer treatments. Thankfully that’s way in the past! That year Nancy Spruill began volunteering her time to organize the reunion events. She did a magnificent job for a number of years. As our group of collectors and attendees grew it was a tremendous amount of work on Nancy. Polly Sweetman also put in a lot of work for a few years.

It was at another reunion / convention that a number of collectors were sitting in my (and Dewey’s) room one night when we convinced Jean to do another newsletter. Dewey came up with the Train enjine logo and the name to what was to become the NM Express. By this time Jean had re-located to the Denver area for her job. This got her closer to family in Wyoming.

Jean had a number of folks who sent her articles but it again became too much for her busy life. Jean is a serious writer and wanted to devote more time to her serious writing, not just on McCoy Pottery. She did publish her novel ,FORTUNE IN H.E.L.L, a mystery. At this point she offered the NMExpress to me but I didn’t think I wanted to devote that much time to a newsletter. She then gave the newsletter to Carol Seman and Dan Eggert who put out the NMX until recently.

During this time Nancy Spruill was continuing to organize the events for the Convention with the help of several volunteers. UNTIL, illness hit her family and all of a sudden she could not attend or carry out the work for that year. We were thrown into a frenzy at the last minute trying to keep it all together…and it worked. We realized then that the amount of work was way too much for one person to handle and began the thought process for a formal organization where various people would have different duties…and any of us could pitch in if any one person couldn’t attend.

SO our group of McCoy Pottery Collectors formally became the McCoy Pottery Collectors Society. We’re not a new group, but the old group formalized. Dewayne Imsand is editor of our Journal, a publication consisting of historical and interesting articles on McCoy Pottery along with articles from collectors on various aspects of McCoy.

We have officers that handle different duties including the events we have during our convention and together it is quite successful.

I've been so fortunate through the years to have met so many wonderful people through our Conventions, made some dear friends through our shared interest in McCoy and have so many memories to happily look back on.

Memories, ah Memories!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Do you Know?

Can you identify this cute bear planter for me? It's not McCoy!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

For Sale Item-Sports Line Plante with White Interior

This items is to be added to my page for sale...l00.00...white interior is not a common color for the sports line planters.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

McCoy Pottery Collectors Society

The Society has new Officers as of January 1st and I'm really excited about that. You can check them out on the 'contacts' page of the Society Website. These are folks who will work together for the good of the Society and help it grow.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Because McCoy did make stretch animals, sellers 'assume' the cats they find are McCoys...but They're NOT! McCoy did not make stretch cats!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

McCoy Pottery Collectors Society

If you're into McCoy Pottery and are not a Member of our Society, Check us Out!

Over twenty years ago McCoy collectors began gathering in Zanesville, Ohio during Pottery Week. Several years ago we formalized the Group so it would continue on into the future...and we are THE MCCOY POTTERY COLLECTORS SOCIETY. Our Web address is


To help my webmaster out, I can post things here easily and not bother him to insert my "Dibs and Dabs" of infomation I want to share.

I've collected McCoy for many years and like to share the knowledge I've gained with those who are interested.

I need to empty some shelves so if you see something on my for sale page that you're intersted in, write, I'll make a deal if I can. A lot of my collection was bought when prices were really high...thus some things I can't cut much...but let me know if there's anything there you're intersted in!