Friday, July 30, 2010

Ethical Stuff

I’m just amazed at how some people handle things.

Only within the past few weeks has it come to my attention that another McCoy collector/dealer is under suspicion for ‘adding’ decoration to McCoy and other pottery pieces and insinuating that they are genuine McCoy decorated items.

There is information on another web-site that calls this person by name. There are comments by some McCoy website person as well, indicating they knew this information (for a rather long time) and making not so nice comments about the McCoy Pottery Collectors Society in relation to this man/collector/dealer.

As the President of the McCoy Pottery Collectors Society for six years I can guarantee you that NO ONE contacted me or the other officers about this matter during that time. I can also tell you that until this information surfaced to me a few weeks ago that it had not been brought to our attention since we have new officers.

It would have been extremely easy to have brought the subject up to any of the previous or present officers through contact information on our web-site. Did that happen? A resounding NO, it did not!

Who are these folks who knew this information and felt it should be acted upon but took no positive action to inform those who should have known? Why, on an internet site, put down our Society when you didn’t take the initiative to inform them of your information?

The only reason I can think of is that the person involved preferred to be negative about our group instead of doing what they called “the right thing”. Perhaps it’s easy to talk instead of take positive action for the good of all McCoy (and other pottery) collectors.

Actually I know of numerous instances where well known McCoy collectors have not done the honorable thing in their dealings. One collector told a seller who is in the process of selling an item to one collector, to put it aside, he’ll talk to him about it later. Also, the seller did ignore the person who had the item in their hand and told them it was not for sale, but later sold to the second person.

I know of one collector, (could it be the same one mentioned above?) who sat at an auction belittling another valued collector (could it be the same Hand holding pottery person above?) loud enough for them to hear? (Totally juvenile and unnecessary)

I know of one collector who used a different than normal id on ebay after he’d been told to not bid on a sellers items. He’s insulted the seller so badly that he was not welcome to buy from him any more.

I know of a circumstance where two long time collectors tried to negatively influence something that would be a great benefit for McCoy collectors, who knows why!

I could go on and on but I think you get the point. None of us are perfect. I certainly am not perfect. I do try to be honest in my transactions. I don’t try to intimidate people that if they’re my friend they won’t do this or that. I try to NOT distort facts when I’m discussing a subject.

I will not call someone by name…I do not know who the McCoy website person is…I do not know the owner of the site where this is discussed…but I’m not afraid or ashamed to sign my name to anything I write.

Life is way too short…Treat others the way you want them to treat you…even in our collecting McCoy.

Here’s for Great, Safe,Honest McCoy Collecting!