Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Home Town

The uptown of Lenoir has had great difficulty staying alive the past few years. The economy in this area just is rotten, or worse. When I grew up here this town was known as the FURNITURE CENTER OF THE SOUTH with names like Broyhill, Bernhardt, Hammary, Kincaid being synonymous with quality furniture.

Then along came China...and well, you know the REST Of The Story! Greedy owners decided to take the business overseas and to heck with the people who worked for them.

Before the furniture moved away we did have several textile companies in our area, too...Yep, most of them left, too.

Many people are out of work here, at one time I think it was like l5% unemployment rate,,,and probably more have expired their benefits so are not counted.

Several Years back our "uptown" began efforts trying to shops were opened, the uptown area "perked up" a bit and you'd even see cars lining the streets at night time often.
The banks (well, at least one that I know of) were/was eager to loan money to those who were investing their time and energy to put new life into old buildings and our old town.

Times are still slow in the area...uptown is looking's hard on these small businesses to make it with the negative economy here...but they're trying!

Now the BANK is calling the loans. No bones, it's been hard for these folks to manage...but their hearts and souls are into the project they're working on. They have ambition! The bank has told them their loan is due. I understand another owner/buyer has been told hers will be due by the end of the year.

Yah , sure! So friends of this couple are trying to raise money to help them out...

Just thought I'd share the story with does , after all, have some things going on along with our McCoy hobby. This town was so vital when I was growing up, it's been sad to see it go downhill.